Thermostats are a vital component of any heating and cooling system. They are what registers the temperature of the home and causes the units to turn off and turn on. There are many different types of thermostats you can install to operate your heating/cooling system.

2 Wire Thermostats

A 2 wire thermostat is the simplest thermostat to install and is a basic wall mounted wired thermostat that has limited functionality. It only has two wires and is used only in heating systems. If air conditioning or fan control is needed, then more wires are needed and a more complex thermostat will be needed. A wall mounted thermostat gives you a more accurate reading of the temperature, is more convenient, and does offer more of a selection on models.

Wall Mounted Wireless Thermostats

Traditional thermostats are wired and wall mounted. With the advancement in technology, there are new thermostats that connect to your system called wall mounted wireless thermostats.While the thermostat is not actually wireless, the term wireless refers to how the thermostat communicates to the unit. They are called Wifi thermostats and they open new options in controlling your home’s temperature. A Bryant thermostat is a great example. Not only does it communicate to your system without the wires, but it can also be controlled by an app on your phone. This gives the owner options to set when the temperature needs to go up or down from a remote setting, like heading home from work. The convenience of wireless thermostats had made them be in higher demand. A Bryant wireless thermostat controls your heating/cooling system without being too expensive of an option.

TEM Services is a provider of All Brands of thermostats. We can help you decide which thermostat will work best for your home, and your budget. Our qualified and experienced team can install your thermostat to ensure your home always stays the right temperature. We can also help you with programing your thermostat to make sure your home is always set to the temperature you prefer.

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