Heating Your Home

Choosing the best heating system is an important decision. You want to make sure your heating system will suit your home's needs. When looking for a new furnace, you will need to consider efficiency, size of the unit, fuel sources, and which type of furnace you are looking for, forced air or a variable speed furnace. Both types will give you the advantage of whole-home heating rather than a single room heating that a space heater would give you.

A typical central heating system has four main components: burners, heat exchangers, a blower, and a flue for an exhaust. The burners create combustion gases and the gases then go to the heat exchangers where the air is heated. Then the blowers send the heated air through the ductwork in your home. The flue gets rid of any combustion gas byproducts keeping your home safe as well as warm. Depending on your situation you can get a system that runs on natural gas, propane, electric, or oil. You can also get a hybrid system that can use more than one type of fuel.

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Forced Air Furnaces

Forced air furnaces use air to transfer heat from the unit into your home. This is the most common type of heating system used for residential use. The heat will travel through ductwork, vents, and plenums that are all separate components from the unit. Most likely with a forced air furnace, you will have a blower that will help distribute the heated (or cooled if in the summer) throughout the home. When you purchase a new furnace, TEM Services will make sure your filters in the unit and any other air filtration system you may have in the ductwork is in place. Air filters should be changed around twice a year.

Variable Speed Furnaces

You can choose to have a traditional single stage furnace or a variable speed furnace. A single stage furnace has your typical on/off stages. When the room reaches the temperature that the thermostat is set to, the system switches off. It will then kick back on when the temperature has dropped to a certain degree. This on/off system does cost more in the long run as it takes more energy to bring the room back to the right temperature.

Variable speed furnaces are a more energy efficient choice when looking for a new furnace that offers whole room heating. A variable speed furnace refers to the fact the blower will have two or more speeds that it operates on. The first is a higher speed to bring the room to the right temperature. Then it will shift to a lower speed to maintain the temperature, eliminating the on/off energy drain that a traditional single stage furnace has. This gives your system a more precise measurement of the temperature and more precision means more comfort for you. As a bonus, variable speed furnaces operate more quietly than a single stage furnace. It also will help improve your home’s air quality as the fan is always moving so the air will continue to circulate. This means the filters have a better chance to remove more allergens and dust from the air.

The TEM Services Advantage

TEM Services guides you in making the best furnace purchase for your home. Our knowledgeable staff will help you pick the right unit and brand for your home. We pride ourselves on our customer service and customer satisfaction. We want to make sure you are happy with your new furnace.

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