Our team at TEM Services have been in the heating, air conditioning and general HVAC business in one form or another since the early 1980’s.

As HVAC technologies have changed, so to have the crew’s techniques and services. We have come a long way from the days of boilers, radiators and the ugly round thermostats on the wall of every home and business. Today, multi-stage furnaces and air conditioners are the rule of thumb with digital thermostats working in harmony to ensure your indoor air comfort.

Yes, with our experience we still service the older stuff and keep it going for you until it is decided to upgrade.

Converting older homes and businesses from inefficient technologies to the latest and now smartest systems TEM Services has helped save clients monthly energy money.

Not all furnaces, air conditioners and air purification systems are created equal. But the TEM technician’s knowledge is - we know HVAC systems and advise when a system is serviceable, repairable or better off being replaced.

You can see the TEM Services vans around the Northwest corner of Indiana as well as the Southern Suburbs of Chicago while we are servicing clients just like you looking for honest appraisals of their indoor air systems and solid service into the future.

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