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Midwestern summers bring heat and humidity to our area. Air conditioning is our way to combat those muggy days and nights. TEM Services offers all of the efficient and reliable air conditioning systems from Bryant Home Comfort making indoor air comfort job 1!

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How does Air Conditioning Work?

Everyone loves having air conditioning but do you know how it works? All air conditioning systems work the same way. The system removes moisture and heat from the air. The moisture is turned into condensate and the heat is transferred through the refrigeration process to the outdoors. While this is happening cooler, drier air is sent through the homes duct system lowering the temperature of the home.

When looking at units, air conditioners come in four basic types: central air and packaged heating/cooling units, ductless mini-split and geothermal air conditioning.

Package heating/cooling units have a combined outdoor unit for both heating and cooling. This makes them perfect for homes that have limited space to install the unit. Since they are in one unit they are usually installed on ground level or on the roof. However, they may not be as energy efficient as the split air systems.

Split air systems have indoor and outdoor components. The indoor unit’s fan will draw the warm air in and it goes to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the refrigerant which cools the air. The cooler air is then sent back into the house.

Central air is the most popular type of air conditioning system as it is a split air system. Think of it as a whole home refrigerator. The unit blows cold air all across the home. The outside main unit is installed in an out of the way place and pumps chilled air through the ductwork in the home. What makes this system so popular as the heating and cooling aspects share the same ductwork.

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Why Bryant Air Conditioning

Bryant was established in 1904 and has been creating and delivering quality products. They are 100% tested before leaving the factory. Not only do they do strenuous testing in the lab, but they also do testing in a live environment.

TEM Services is just like Bryant, by committing to filling homeowners needs and exceeding expectations. The Bryant motto is one we agree with: We will do whatever it takes. We take our work seriously and we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied with any work we do.

Have a warm spot in your house? New addition to the home where ducts are a problem? Ductless allows you to add to your system without the big cost.

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