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Optimizing your indoor air system while stretching your energy dollars.

We at TEM Services Inc. would like you to know that we are taking every precaution to keep you and our employees safe during this time.  Our employees will be wearing safety masks and gloves while servicing your equipment with the same quality service you have received from us.  If you are in need of service, know that we are here for you!

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Your Family's Year Round Comfort is Our Goal!

Through the heat and humidity of summer to the frigid of winter, TEM Services is here for all of your indoor air quality needs.

TEM Services proudly services the Heating, Cooling and indoor air quality of Northwest Indiana and South Suburbs of Chicago.

We take the heat out of summer and protect you from the cold of winter by installing quality products from Bryant and servicing all brand. 

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Servicing ALL Brands

Installing Bryant Heating, Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Quality Systems

24/7 Emergency Service

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TEM Services

Is one portion of your home much colder than the rest? Are you blasting the furnace in an attempt to get the whole house warm? With our attention to detail TEM Services is the right choice for your indoor air quality and comfort needs.

Usually indoor air comfort is a one or the other proposition of comfort or savings. TEM Services works to make the combination work together making your home comfortable efficiently.

TEM Services and Bryant systems bring you high performing and reliable indoor air comfort for years to come.

At TEM Services we keep up with local energy rebates and financial incentives from the government and utilities.

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